I just came back from a wonderful weekend at the annual BIA Moreton Island Art Camp. Accomodated in M*A*S*H style tents, surrounded by inspiring fellow artists, including ‘Hot Lips Hoolihan’ aka Casey Macneil and the lovely Kristin Mountjoy, as well as Banksia Trees, She Oaks, curlews, the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, the sweet waters of Blue Lake, aahhh – what is there not to love! Alan our host kept us nourished with his cooking, this was complemented by a wee dram or two of chardonnay, and more than a few tall tales around the table. Under the tutelage and watchful eye of Stephen Newton, we dripped paper into Condies crystals and water, we splashed around earthy inks, we painted with sticks and leaves and sand, we drew back into our papers with the alchemy of lemon juice, and played with all things at our finger tips. Here are a few samples of the results of my experiments. I’m looking forward to doing it all agai20151024_143849n next year if I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend.20151026_09551320151026_095619 - Copy