20160504_095154 (2)I was invited to read A Patch from Scratch to Jesse’s classroom at Manly State School. We started with a game of ‘Simon Says’. There was lots of giggling as the children twisted themselves into the shapes of a bananas, bunches of grapes, apples,  worms, chooks and so on. Because the book is long, I stopped at the end of the garden construction page and got the children to go to their desks and draw what they would like to grow in their own patch from scratch. They were so engaged and into it all. Many ended up drawing an aerial map like the one I did in the book which surprised me in a good way. I was pleased that they were inspired to try this for themselves, not a simple task, and it moved them into a deeper exploration of their own house and yard layout, or for some, their dream house and garden set-up. Considering I asked them to draw a fruit or vegetable, the sometimes labelled gardens they drew (some with frog ponds, bridges, and play areas) were so wonderful in their detail. When we were doing the reading sessions either side of this – they had so many questions and observations and reflections they wanted to share with me. They didn’t want to stop drawing, talking and reading, even after and hour and a half! The teacher was very happy to see how well the material covered fitted in with their ‘health’ and ‘technology’ curriculum – so next week I have been invited back to help the children in their task of making a healthy sandwich for their partner. I love how the children are so open, active, present and excited and wanting so much to connect. I really had a great time with them and am looking forward to doing more school visits in the future. What a privilege it is to be part of encouraging children’s passions in an important area for health and ecology.20160504_09533520160504_095223 (2)20160504_095308 (2)20160504_095235 (2)

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