“Still-life paintings call to consciousness the stark beauty of what we too often see least, if at all: an old tapestry; a splash of fruit; a once strong barn; perhaps now sunk into ruin, its glory and gain forgotten, its presence overlooked….I for one know how easy it is to get caught up in the dramatic and miss the power of the mundane, the wisdom of the daily, the comfort of regularity, the unexciting exciting dimensions of what it means to be really alive. And yet my life cries out for more and more of it always….the daily schedule nourishes me…the single shaft of promise every new day brings..We live in a culture so glutted by multiplicity of people and things that it is almost impossible to appreciate the power of singularity. But, in the end, it is only the singular that has any real effect on us at all. It is in our commitment to the awareness of the singular that we are either nourished or starved of soul.” Joan Chittister – ‘The Art of Life’