“What a valuable experience for children!  Megan’s delightful personality and manner with children helps make her book come alive.  Her love for gardening and art is infectious.  Megan soon had children and teachers alike looking on our school garden with inquisitive eyes.  Soon after we were using charcoal and paint,  and feeling capable of artistic expression.  I highly recommend inviting Megan into your learning environment to share her knowledge and skills with your children.” Michelle Scheu – teacher (Chevallum State School)

“Author Megan Forward who wrote A Patch from Scratch came to visit and read her book to us. She then took us on a walk through our permaculture garden where we collected some fruit, vegetables and leaves. After we got back to class, Megan taught us how to look with artists’ eyes to see detail in a cut eggplant, to look at light and shade and how to use charcoal and water colours. She also taught us that artists make no mistakes. They just take on a new adventure when something unexpected happens when drawing or painting. Megan left seeds, soil and paper pots for us to each plant our own seeds. What a great experience for us all!!! We could have kept Megan all day. She knows so many things to teach us.” (Chevallum State School)

“Megan’s presentation of the day was impressive. It involved the oral reading of part of her book…to be continued, followed by a ‘hands on’ workshop. The audience included adults and children of all ages.The subject areas of Literacy and Visual Arts were covered with a focus on the cycle of nature and the Cross Curriculum Priority of Sustainability.

The setting was well arranged, the reading was expressive and enjoyable. The audience was included in the discussion and by use of interesting and probing questions. Attention was quickly gained and successfully held.

Megan’s attention to detail was evident. She was wearing an outfit depicted in an illustration in the book – a nice touch!

The workshop was very well organised and conducted by the author.

The rich and varied activities were cleverly sequenced, well explained and presented. Instructions and precautions were clearly outlined and defined.

Materials had been prepared earlier and were easily accessed by those participating. The process was explained and the products were described. Megan modelled the process by creating some products as examples.

The workshop activities involved charcoal drawings of fruit segments, planting of seeds concluding with the painting of the charcoal drawings. Encouraging comments were heard and advice was given throughout the session. The participants oozed energy and enthusiasm. Interest was held throughout.

The workshop resulted in an attractive artistic product and a natural ‘growing’ memory to take home and nurture.

The entire session flowed extremely well due to the thoughtful planning, the careful preparation, the energy demonstrated and the interesting manner in which it was conducted. It was a wonderful experience for adults and children alike.

‘A Patch from Scratch’ is a truly wonderful book which will be an important resource for instruction in an educational situation. It will be an exceptional addition to the family library, especially useful for those families keen to set up and maintain a vegetable plot.

It is refreshing to find, enjoy and be able to use such a ‘back to nature’ approach to learning. What an achievement!! Congratulations  Megan.”  Elaine Delbridge – Teacher – Manly State School