• they were living in the clouds, it was always interesting

  • ‘there’s nothing as sweet as a backyard pawpaw in Wynnum Manly, just ask the bats!

  • there’s nothing as sweet…

  • Pandanus Beach Wynnum

  • I got a lovely surprise the first time I saw mangroves in flower

  • climb every mountain 2

  • when the chips are down 2

  • Postcard sets

  • walking with dinosaurs in Wynnum Manly

This series of art works was developed especially for ‘the Collective’ shop, with a theme of what life is like living in Wynnum Manly in Brisbane.  I moved here 10 years ago to marry my lovely husband Steve, who’s family grew up in this area.  Being brought up in Paddington, in Brisbane’s inner west, I felt like I may as well have been moving to another city. Wynnum Manly feels like its own country town to me. My relatives tell me about how this part was the strawberry farm, or that bit was where the old barn was etc. I love the wide streets and the old houses, the beautiful parks everywhere that my young sons love to explore, the cool sea breezes and most of all the ocean and bay islands. I have tried to capture some of the essence of life here from a local’s perspective.