Bees are very important for fruit and vegie gardening. They are responsible for turning flowers into fruit and vegetables. As they hop from flower to flower collecting nectar to make honey, the pollen from the flowers gets stuck to their feet and is passed on to another flower. This cross pollination fertilizes the flowers. This is necessary for turning into fruit and vegetables.

Bees are becoming endangered for a number of reasons: habitat loss from clearing of bushland for houses etc, diseases, invasive species (eg hive beetle, Asian bee), and agricultural insecticides are among them.

One way you can help protect our bees is to make your own bee hive to attract native bees to your vegie patch. There are instructions for a really nifty one on the left here, otherwise you can click on the links below for other designs and important information about bees. Have fun!  (design notes for making your own hive) (utube video for making your own beehive)  (bee inspired arts and crafts)