Once you have cooked and tasted delicious freshly laid eggs, you might decide that you would like to have your own chooks. They are so easy and fun to look after! The first step is what to choose. There are all sorts of hens out there. If you want as many eggs as possible some breeds will lay more than others. Don Burke recommends the following cross breeds as the best backyard laying chooks. Black Australorp Cross, White Leghorn Cross, Rhode Island Red Cross and ISA Brown. From each of these you will get an average of almost one egg a day once they have begun laying.

If you think this little lady on the left is a bit cute, you might decide you want a pure breed heritage hen. https://www.organicgardener.com.au/articles/heritage-hens#sthash.LKcrGYeA.dpuf (choosing a good heritage hen if you don’t want a cross breed)

If you’re not sure you want to commit to keeping hens, you can rent a coop and chooks for around 6 weeks:

Brisbane: City Chicks (07 3300 6801) www.citychicks.com.au

Melbourne: Book a Chook (0438 540 664) www.bookachook.com

Sydney: Rent-a-chook (0409 246 651) www.rentachook.com.au

For buying hens you might like to try:

QLD: Heritage Hatching and Hens- Brisbane: (0412 507 748)

NSW: http://www.goulburnheritagepoultry.com/   and   http://www.barterandsons.com.au/ 

VIC: http://eggsellentchickens.com.au/http://eggsellentchickens.com.au/

WA: http://www.backyardpoultry.com/directory/location/western-australia/

SA: http://www.heritagepoultrypurebreds.com.au/

TAS: http://skye.taspoultry.com/  and http://www.backyardpoultry.com/old/statesearch.php?state=TAS

Looking after your hens: