A Patch from Scratch is about one family’s desire to “live more like people on a farm”.

This text is highly accessible for all primary students and could be used to suit the curriculum in a range of key learning areas. This text might form the introduction to a cross-curricular unit on sustainability as encouraged in the current Australian Curriculum. There are obvious links to SOSE, Health and Science. But every KLA easily links to the concepts explored in this text. Art, Literacy, Mathematics, Technology and Languages other than English are all highly relevant to ideas about growing our own food, life cycles of plants and animals, creating a self-sufficient lifestyle and understanding where food comes from.

The following learning activities are designed to take place after children have read the book together as a class. The activities vary in difficulty and can be used as group or individual tasks. As this text could suit students from Junior Primary to Junior Secondary teachers can adapt any of these ideas to suit the varying abilities of their students.

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A Patch from Scratch Teaching Notes by Lauara Gordon (3)