I love the ethos of Food Connect and have been a customer of their locally sourced, freshly picked, non sprayed fresh fruit and vegetables for years now. I feel that we are on the same sustainable, ethical, healthy food journey and it was a real joy to work together with the children at a Food Connect  children’s activity morning and book reading of A Patch from Scratch. What a great venue for events! The warehouse was transformed into a creative space to draw, paint, plant seeds, play music and eat yummy croissants freshly made from Sprout Bakery, complimented by fresh pears from Food Connect’s wonderful farmers. The only fruit and vegies as fresh and crunchy as those grown in the home ‘patch from scratch’ are those that come each week in the Food Connect boxes. If you’re not yet a customer of  Food Connect but are interested in finding out about their luscious weekly offerings, do yourself a favour and check out their website at https://www.foodconnect.com.au/ fc warehouse