I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at this year’s E20 Awards, committed to technology, innovation and best practice in education. While I was at the decidedly ‘low tech’ end of the spectrum, I met and heard from some really exciting people using technology in very innovative ways. Nathan Beverage from LinkSprite talked about the capabilities in technology today such as programs that can survey crowds and faces and calculate the emotional experience the crowd is having in general. Daniel Pollard talked about teaching coding to kids in his Building Block Studio in really fun ways that inspired me to sign up my boys in the holidays. As an artist, illustrator and writer, I got excited about the way these guys use technology as a new medium like an artist gets excited about some new paint property or colour combo. It’s all got me wondering about how I’d love to partner with an organisation using cutting edge technology who are looking for that earthy, emotional feel that mostly comes from the traditional visual arts using mediums that have been around a long time like charcoal and ink, watercolour and oils. Throw that in to a computer game or the like. That would be my idea of artistic heaven!p1120833p1120804