I had so much fun yesterday running a children’s activity morning as part of the launch of A Patch from Scratch. We played games, read the story, learned how to draw what we see with charcoal, painted over the top with watercolour like I do in the book, and then planted seeds to take home and start our own vegie gardens.

The highlight for me was when I was in the middle of reading from A Patch from Scratch, a little boy said, “excuse me…..I like you”.

So gorgeous, and high praise for me, because as we all know, children are so honest.

I couldn’t have done it without granny helping with the planting, and the lovely Kristin Mountjoy (artist extraordinaire) helping me with the drawing and painting activity.

The artwork that came out was really beautiful. I wish I’d got around to taking photos of more of it to show you what natural artists children are. Kristin and I were reflecting later that we grown up artists spend years trying to get back to being as good at art as a child is!