For Bookings and workshops contact Megan : e:  p: 0403 873 805

Megan is an author, illustrator, educator and speaker who facilitates hands-on interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Art and Maths) workshops for young children using her picture books as stimulus. She is passionate about teaching sustainability to young children and connecting them to a love of nature through literature, and helping them make real world connections across curriculum subjects. Megan has extensive experience speaking to children and educators, touring to libraries, schools, kindergartens, environmental education organisations and community gardens.

“As a leading school in the STEAM area, I highly recommend Megan if you are looking for a person to engage the students with the type of thinking that is integral to a STEAM agenda within a school.   She has the ability to bring alive many different areas of learning for today’s students.  We are a school that values the connections in curriculum areas and Megan has an intuitive ability to identify these connections and then to plan learning that supports and extends the curriculum.  She is delightful to work with and exhibits an appreciation of the dynamics of a school environment and the flexibility that this demands. Megan has worked with us to support our Book Week celebrations, to support stages of the design thinking and inquiry cycle within our STEAM work and to partner with us to design activities that engage both our teachers and students.   I would like to highlight the work Megan does with sustainability elements within the curriculum.  As a cross-curricular priority within the Australian Curriculum, there is so much potential within this area for for Megan’s support and insights.” Nicola Flanagan Head of Innovation Oakleigh State School Brisbane, QLD Distinguished Educator – Design Minds Regional Ambassador

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