Well we had our final art class for the term on Monday. I had the most wonderful time with my students – we explored tone and shape, line and textures, 20170327_15152120170327_15210820170327_15253820170327_15224420170327_15394320170327_15411620170327_15441720170327_15454320170327_15422420170327_153921 - Copy20170327_152531relationships and light and dark through still life studies, painting with watercolour, and developing a drawing into a lino print. I am always surprised to see how young people can be so sensitive to the world around them, how individual their responses are, and the evidence of this in their artwork. I really enjoyed going on an art exploration adventure with everyone and am looking forward to going somewhere new in term two. We are going to look at negative space drawing – a key skill, learning to see the spaces around objects. I will teach perspective drawing, used in architectural drawings, comics and cartoons, in computer games, by the Old Masters, in everything really. We are going to explore the qualities of ink and water painting out in nature and with the human figure, and we’ll get a bit scientific and play around with condies crystals and lemon juice. I can’t wait! 20170327_15144020170327_15133220170327_15130920170327_151528