20170213_16285620170213_163151 - Copy20170213_163144 - Copy (2)20170213_163328 - Copy20170213_163158 - Copy 20170213_163132 - CopyWell, we are three weeks in to our art classes at The Mad Hatter’s Bookshop here in Manly, Brisbane, on Monday afternoons. We have investigated how much tone and value we can elicit from 2b, 4b, 6b pencils and charcoal. We have looked at light and shadow and the building up of form. We looked at still life painting and how it captures a moment in time, often something about our everyday lives, small, insignificant maybe, but containing beauty nonetheless. We used the still life to look into the negative spaces around each of the objects, and their relationships to each other. This week we concentrated on the element of colour, mixing colours, and watercolour application. It was lots of fun, and everyone wants to continue this theme into next week. Here are some of the works in progress Aren’t they beautiful!