I’ve spent the morning planting out some Lomandra grasses into my garden. This is part of a new book project I’ve been working on for a couple of years, I am writing a book to follow on from A Patch from Scratch about building a back yard frog pond. Records show that frog populations in the suburbs are in decline, and recommendations are to encourage more backyard frog ponds. I like to meditate on my front verandah at night and I love that my resident native marsh frog keeps time for me with it’s rhythmic ‘clap. clap ,clap’ sound. It really helps me to stay in that moment and go deeper within.

But how do we keep mosquitoes and toads from breeding in the pond? What sort of plants do frogs need nearby to support them? Where is a good spot to build one? How do we attract insects for food? These are the kinds of questions I hope my picture book will answer for children and families who want to go on another adventure into nature right where they live.

And have heaps of fun of course!lomandrafrogCAM02060CAM01321